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January 13, 2009 will be remembered in the history of Italian air transport as the date when a new flag airline started operations. On that day, Air One and Alitalia began the process of merging their networks, their fleets and their whole administrative and commercial structure.

Integrating the two airlines and launching the new Alitalia means first and foremost better organization of the network which now has 92 destinations in Italy and around the world with more than 2,200 flights a week based on six airports: Rome Fiumicino, Milan, Turin, Venice, Naples and Catania. This new organisational model ensures rapid links from the Italian provinces to Europe and the rest of the world, as well as covering the whole country with a domestic network of 26 destinations.

Alitalia provides a large number of international and intercontinental flights – for example, the new company flies to 53 destinations in Europe and internationally, with smooth connections for domestic flights. What’s more, the current summer schedule expands the network even further with the opening up of several more destinations in the coming months.

Another of Alitalia’s strengths is the flight schedules which are carefully worked out to meet customers’ needs – for instance, it is often possible to make roundtrip flights in one day to the main Italian and European destinations.

The new Italian flag airline also stands out for the major renewal of the fleet which now consists of upgraded aircraft providing better quality flights with less impact on the environment.

The new Alitalia is run by private entrepreneurs who are well versed in quality of service and close attention to customers’ needs. They are fully aware that these elements are essential for companies to succeed and grow. And this is the case with the new Alitalia – passengers are the focal point of the company’s development strategy. Our commitment is to provide top quality ground services and onboard services so that every travel experience has that distinctive touch of Italian style. The new Alitalia is taking off, with the aim of becoming the preferred carrier in Italy and internationally.

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