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Benq logo

BenQ began more than a quarter-century ago as a manufacturing plant in Taiwan, rising to become what is today one of the world’s top-performing IT companies and a global brand name recognized for its cool digital lifestyle devices.

Through progressive thinking and a relentless pursuit of fusing technology with lifestyle, BenQ was also one of the early pioneers of the current digital revolution, shaping the digital landscape with innovative products and technologies that exceed convention and imagination while seamlessly enhancing the lives of consumers today with the products and technologies of tomorrow.

BenQ today is a major global organization headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with branch offices in key international markets and over 1,300 talented individuals employed worldwide. Our products – which span visual display, mobile communications, and network convergence technologies in eight product categories – are sold in more than 100 countries and are critically acclaimed by industry experts and praised by consumers around the world. www.benq.com Benq JPG 1772x528 logoBenq GIF 800x238 logo