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Bernex Watches logo

Bernex was established in Switzerland in 1855, in the Watchmaking village of Les Breuleux. Sine that time Bernex watches have been manufactured and sold by the Bouverat family throughout the world for over a 100 years. In 1919, part of the family left Switzerland and founded Geo. Bouverat & Co. Ltd in the UK. Having established a reputation for "The" Swiss Watch in the market, they continued to provide quality Swiss timepieces to leading retailers and jewellers. Bernex remains at the forefront creating timepieces that you will love for years to come. Bernex continues to be supplied by many quality retailers, but appeals to the connoisseur. Our reputation for automatic and mechanical watches are second to none.

(from: http://www.bernexwatches.com/page.php?xPage=about&jssCart=9a33f6fc1c5c6f855fbcc773f416851c) www.bernexwatches.com