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Big Sky Brewing Company logo

Big Sky Brewing Company is is by far the largest brewery in Montana and has the farthest reach nationally of any brew made in Montana. Big Sky products are distributed in 23 states (covering the west coast and working itself east). The brewery made national news in 2000 when it was sued by Moosehead Breweries in Canada for using the word "moose" in its most popular beer "Moose Drool." The case was eventually settled with Big Sky agreeing to not sell Moose Drool directly to certain areas in eastern United States.[1] Big Sky Brewing Company is a brewery located in Missoula, Montana. It brews six different styles of beer: Moose Drool (a brown ale), Scape Goat (Pale Ale), Big Sky (India Pale ale), Powder Hound (Winter Ale), Summer Honey (Seasonal Ale), and Trout Slayer Ale.

(from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Sky_Brewing_Company) www.bigskybrew.com Big Sky Brewing Company small JPG logo 250x136