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CanJet Airlines is a low-cost chartered airline based in Enfield and in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada at the Halifax International Airport.[1][2] It operates contract and ad hoc charters throughout Canada and the United States. CanJet is wholly owned by IMP Group International and has 572 employees (as of March 2007).[3]
Before September 10, 2006, CanJet served 15 cities in Canada and the United States as a discount passenger airline. On September 5, 2006, CanJet announced it would cease scheduled flights but would continue to operate as a chartered airline.[4]

1999-2001: before merger with Canada 3000
The airline was established in 1999 and started operations on September 5, 2000. It was launched as a division of IMP Group and merged with Canada 3000 in May 2001 shortly before Canada 3000's bankruptcy.
[edit]2002-2006: scheduled operations

A leased Boeing 737-800 operating for CanJet. (2010)
CanJet was successfully relaunched on June 20, 2002 as an independent airline. Originally the airline flew to three destinations, but quickly expanded. Canjet operated a fleet of nine Boeing 737-500 — seven of which were formerly operated by United Airlines, one by Lufthansa — and one Boeing 737-300. These airframes date back to the early 1990s. There were plans to expand the airline's fleet of Boeing 737-500 aircraft to 20 by 2006; however, this did not materialize.
In April 2004, CanJet launched services at Hamilton/John C. Munro International Airport, Hamilton to fill a void left after WestJet shifted its eastern Canada hub to Toronto Pearson International Airport.
In May 2005, the company began to expand into the western Canadian market with a flight between Calgary and Toronto, with plans to slowly expand to other western markets. In the wake of the bankruptcy of Jetsgo, the company hoped to fill some of that company's market share, but also hoped to expand slowly to avoid the fate of other companies such as Canada 3000. In June 2005, two weeks after Air Canada Jazz announced new service to Hamilton/John C. Munro International Airport from Montreal and Ottawa, CanJet announced it would end its service to Hamilton. In August 2005, CanJet announced new service to Fort Lauderdale, Florida from Toronto.
In May 2006, CanJet and Harmony Airways signed a marketing pact to allow greater cross country service. CanJet would end flights west of Toronto, and focus more on Atlantic flights. This pact allowed consumers to book flights with both companies and have their luggage transferred between the two airlines.
[edit]2006-present: charter operations
On September 5, 2006, CanJet announced that as of September 10, 2006, it would cancel all regularly scheduled service and focus instead on charter service because of the highly competitive nature of the airline industry in Canada, and the resulting slim profit margins. Ken Rowe, IMP Chairman and CEO, said, "with the rising business risks of operating a scheduled airline, IMP has decided to suspend year-round scheduled airline service and focus on their increasing charter business." CanJet stated that any passengers who had bought tickets for travel dates after September 10, 2006 would either be provided with a full refund, or be provided with alternate travel arrangements.[5]
On September 27, 2006, CanJet announced that it would be rehiring more than 100 airline pilots and flight attendants; about 20% of the number initially laid-off on September 10, 2006 as the company regained a contract to fly chartered flights for tour operator, Sunquest.[6]
[edit]2009: Transat partnership
On the 13 February 2009, Canjet announced a five-year partnership with Montreal based Transat AT. Commencing 1 May 2009, Transat Tours Canada, will charter CanJet's Boeing 737 aircraft flying from Canadian cities to various destinations. This replaces an agreement with Calgary based Westjet.[7]

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