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Carlsberg A/S is one of the world's largest brewing companies. Its two principal brands, Carlsberg and Tuborg, are the leading beers in Denmark and are also two of the most widely sold beers in the global market. More than three-quarters of the brewery's sales come from outside Denmark. The company operates brewing facilities in Singapore, Malawi, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Cyprus, and a number of other countries and maintains licensing agreements for distribution of its brands in others, so that Carlsberg and Tuborg can be found in 150 different countries altogether. Carlsberg A/S has interests in a few businesses outside brewing as well. Most notably, the company owns Royal Scandinavia A/S, makers of renowned fine porcelain, silverware, and glassware. Carlsberg also owns a 43 percent interest in Tivoli Gardens, a well-known amusement park in Copenhagen.

1873--1900: Carlsberg and Tuborg

Carlsberg A/S was formed from the merger of two venerable Danish breweries, Carlsberg and Tuborg. The original Carlsberg brewery was founded in Copenhagen in 1847 by Captain J. C. Jacobsen. The captain was interested in brewing technology, and he studied modern brewing methods extensively before he opened his shop, which he named for his son Carl. His constant work to improve the quality of his beer soon made his lager very popular. Carl Jacobsen carried on his father's passion for beer making, and he studied brewing both in Denmark and abroad before taking his place in the family business in 1871. Carl eventually established his own brewery, called New Carlsberg. New Carlsberg and Old Carlsberg were united in 1906, as both father and son willed their breweries to a charitable foundation J. C. Jacobsen had established in 1876. The Carlsberg Foundation assumed the running of the breweries, carried on scientific research in beer making through its Carlsberg Laboratory, and supported Danish history and the arts through the establishment of several museums.

Tuborg was founded in 1873 by a group of Danish businessmen headed by Phillip Heyman. The Tuborgs Fabrikker first included a glass factory and a sulfuric acid works, but Heyman spun off all but the brewery in 1880. Tuborg's Green Label pilsner quickly established a strong reputation in Denmark. By 1894 Tuborg was the major partner in an affiliation of 11 Copenhagen breweries.
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