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It was just one leased Yak-40 aircraft with which Nicolae Petrov chose to start in March 1999 the expansion of the airline business from Republic of Moldova farther to Romania. On March 26 that year, the newly created airline launched the first ever Carpatair regular service Cluj Napoca - Venice Treviso. After that, lots of other routes were inaugurated and Carpatair soon became a solid and competitive airline, we could say a revelation of Romania’s whole airline industry and even of the region. One of the decisive elements in the company’s success was the financial support and knowhow transfer of the Swiss investors that joined the company at Nicolae's proposal by the end of 1999, all former “godfathers" of Crossair, eager to see the rebirth of what was their “good old airline” into a new and younger replica. Very soon, Carpatair managed to acquire modern, high performance aircraft, considerably improve the operating environment, quality standards and significantly diversify its route network.

The story of Carpatair has all the ingredients of a success story: a former fighter pilot who got compelled to create his own airline as he hadn’t had otherwise an employment to continue his flying carrier, gets associated after a while with experienced and successful businessmen, among them entrepreneurs Moritz Suter, Ingvar Kamprad, Michael Pieper, Thierry Lombard of the bank Lombard Odier - Geneva, highly reputable Swiss lawyers Dr Georg and Alfred Wiederkehr, Dr Robert Briner; all having previously created and successfully managed a famous regional airline – Crossair, united by the same idea: never get satisfied with what you’ve already achieved and remember that you can always do something better in a different way than others without compromising on quality.

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