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Chevrolet logo

The Chevrolet (Chevy) logo at first glance may seem ordinary. A simple cross in traditional metallic colors to represent the automobile industry but that is its brilliance. The logo is so simple it cannot be forgotten and once seen makes an impact on the human mind in a very subtle way. As it is so common it aims at all segments of the population, through its flashy colors it targets the youth and through its traditional symbol it aims at the conventional segment of dwrivers who look for stability in an automobile.

A logo is the chief weapon used to promote an organization and its products. Chevrolet, colloquially Chevy, is a brand of automobiles, produced by General Motors, one of the world’s most dominant carmakers. Chevrolet is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. Louis Chevrolet teamed up with a man named Durant, to establish this car company in 1911.

Designing of Chevy Logo:
There is some dispute as to where the Chevy logo originated. Some resources suggest that Louis himself designed the logo, being inspired of the Swiss cross, while others say that Durant designed it after being inspired by a wallpaper pattern in a French hotel. This logo is one of the world’s most recognized trademarks since 1913, when William Durant introduced the company symbol for the first time.

Features of the Chevy Logo:

Color: The most common colors dominating the automotive industry logos include black, red, blue and green because they lend a feeling of excitement and adventure. In the Chevy logo, the yellowish golden color is used for the image and black for the text, making the logo very trendy and flashy. These colors create a feeling of relaxation and sportsmanship. Yellow is considered an optimistic color symbolizing innovation and buoyancy, while black evokes authority and boldness.

Fonts: The Chevrolet logo reads the company name evidently, making it a kind of Logotype. A unique font or exceptional layout style always produces a great logo. The oversized and simple text is making the logo memorable and unique. Celtic and Gothic fonts are usually used for automobile logos. The name “Chevrolet” has become a sign of recognition for common people. Its serifs are clean and bold, making the name very prominent and outstanding. If analyzed, it seems the text is overpowering the image in the logo, which makes it easier to remember the company name. Stylish and understandable fonts make the Chevy logo worthwhile.

Shape: No matter, from which angle we see the Chevrolet logo; it is easily recognized. This logo is often referred as the Chevy bowtie, although it does not look like a typical bowtie. In the logo, the bow is vertically stacked with the company name, giving it a very decent look. The conventional shape aligned with the trendy colors give the logo a vast target market.

Image: Logos of many big companies have generic images that do not suggest the line of business the organization is involved in. However, these images play an important role in making the company’s name memorable to the viewer. The image used in Chevy Logo is easy to remember and leaves a lasting impact on the viewer’s mind. The simple cross in traditional metallic colors, gives a new identity to the automobile industry.

The Chevy logo, is widely appreciated for is simplicity and creativity. It does not need any introduction or explanation. All the elements of the logo have been amalgamated in an ingenious way, making it a pioneering symbol in the industry of automobiles. The logo of a company aims at expressing the philosophy of the company and the generic Chevy logo proves it true by creating a global image that has been accepted worldwide.
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