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Ciroc Vodka logo

CÎROC® Ultra-Premium celebrates the uncommon on every level; from the uniqueness of its grape composition, to the innovative cold fermentation and maceration techniques, CÎROC® has subtle aromatics and a smooth, naturally refined taste.
The name “CÎROC®” comes from the combination of two French words: Cime, meaning peak or summit-top and Roche, meaning rock. Its name references the high-altitude vineyards where the Mauzac Blanc grapes are grown, and the stony village walls of the famous medieval Cordes-sur-Ciel, which look onto the vineyards.
CÎROC® Ultra-Premium Vodka releases the true flavors of every cocktail. The complexity of the distilled grapes draws out and complements the flavors of whatever CÎROC® is mixed with. Add to that the distinctly clean finish of CÎROC and absence of alcohol burn, and you have the most celebrated vodka cocktail experience.

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