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The History of Dell
Michael Dell, in 1984 founded Dell in order to directlyserve their customers with computers that meet their needs. The company wascalled PC’s Limited and he was still a student at University of Texas at the time. The followingyear, Dell came out with their very first computer called the Turbo, which hadan eight-megahertz processor. The major goal was to produce personal computersystems that were IBM compatible and wereproduced or entirely stock parts.

What set the company apart was not just itsconsumer-oriented focus but also its allowance for people to customize theircomputers during the ordering process. Because each computer was individuallyassembled, this was possible.

The company grossed 73 million dollars in the first year.The company went public in 1988 offering shares for $8.50 a piece.

The first Dell laptop made its debut in 1991 and by 1993, itbecame one of the top five computer companies in the world. By 1995, those$8.50 shares were worth $100. The progress of the business was rapid and in1997, Dell had shipped its ten millionth system.

In 1996, Dell began selling their products through theirwebsite and three years later they took over Compaq

Jumping forward a bit, in 2003, Dell introduced their firstprinters for the public, including those intended for the average consumer andbusinesses. Dell printers are known for being versatile and easy to use,however a recent development has brought skepticism to the company when Lexmarkbegan working with them whom modified their cartridges so that they don’t workwith Dell printers.

However, Dell has a long track record with customersatisfaction, at the very least in regards to their computer products.
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