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Dunlop Sport is a tennis, squash, golf, badminton, clothing, travel and bicycle equipment brand, that specializes in sporting goods.
After Dunlop Holdings was acquired by BTR plc in 1985,[1] Dunlop Sport was combined with the Slazenger brand which Dunlop had acquired in 1959 to form Dunlop Slazenger. BTR sold the division in 1996,[2] and Dunlop Sport is now owned in most of the world by the British-based company Sports Direct International, who bought Dunlop Slazenger for £40M in 2004 from CINVen.[3]
DNA (Housemarks) Limited, a company jointly owned by Sports Direct and SRI Sports, is the owner of the Dunlop brand in the United States. The brand is wholly owned by SRI Sports in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, and Dunlop Sport (Australia) has always been separately owned, and is currently part of Pacific Brands, formerly a division of Pacific Dunlop.[4]
The key products produced under the Dunlop Sport brand are equipment for the sports of tennis, badminton, squash, golf and racquetball, which includes racquets, golf clubs, grips, overgrips, strings, vibration dampeners, bags, apparel and shoes.

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