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Durex logo

In 1915, LA Jackson founded the London Rubber Company Ltd (“LRC”), selling imported condoms and barber supplies. In 1929, the company registered the brand name, Durex. The name was chosen to represent DUrability, Reliability & EXcellence.

In the 1930’s LRC manufactured the first condoms using the latest liquid latex dipping technology and in 1953 electronic testing was introduced as part of the production process, ensuring the quality of each individual condom.

With innovations that were to transform the global market in condoms, LRC manufactured the world’s first anatomically shaped condom in 1969 and in 1974 produced the first spermicidally lubricated condom.

Increases in public concern and awareness of the dangers of AIDs & HIV throughout the 1980’s drove condom distribution into bars, corner shops and supermarkets as people became more aware of the dangers of unprotected sex.

In 1985, the London Rubber Company changed its name to London International Group plc.

Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s Durex brought new and innovative condoms to the market including; Avanti, made from a unique polyurethane material that is odourless and double the strength of natural latex; Extra Safe, Elite, Select, Improved Ribbed, Ultra Strong and Comfort. In 1998, all medical devices, including condoms, had to carry the CE markings when sold in the EU. Durex was the first condom brand to be CE marked.

Durex Quality Symbol
An important element of the success of Durex condoms is the emphasis placed on quality throughout the manufacturing process starting with the selection of raw materials.

The fact that we manufacture all Durex condoms in our own factories is very important to us. That is why we are proud to place the Durex Quality Symbol on every one of our Durex products. It means you can trust the quality from Durex.

This is what makes Durex what it is today – a world leading brand which is synonymous with quality.

Now and into the Future
As Durex continues to move forward with its vision of becoming the world’s number one authority on sexual wellbeing, it is dedicated to inspire people to have better sex. The product range is now expanded to include premium condoms such as Performa, Sensations and Pleasuremax and the Durex Play range of lubricants and vibrators.
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