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Evergreen Group Chairman and founder Dr. Chang Yung-Fa established EVA Air in March 1989, lifting the impeccable transportation heritage and tradition of quality service long established by older sister and container-shipping leader Evergreen Marine Corporation to new heights. Within a few months, he had placed orders with the Boeing Company and McDonnell Douglas for 26 aircraft at a purchase value of US$3.6 billion, an action that immediately grabbed the attention of the global aviation industry. Both companies are part of the Evergreen Group.

EVA Air had lofty goals when we made our maiden flight on July 1, 1991. It has established a network of destinations than span the globe, stretching to Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania and linking more than 50 cities- a truly global air tansportation network. In addition, carefully developed alliances with major carriers worldwide give us a far-reaching service network that benefits both our passenger and cargo customers.

(from: http://www.evaair.com/html/b2c/english/eva/Corporate_profile/Corporate_mission/) www.evaair.com Eva Airways hires logo