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Eznis Airways logo

Eznis Airways is the leading Mongolian domestic airline with the largest network of domestic destinations within Mongolia and highest flight frequency on these routes. The airline was established on January 6, 2006 by Newcom Group, one of the largest holding companies of Mongolia.

The first scheduled service flight of Eznis Airways was from Ulaanbaatar to Choibalsan on December, 2006. Now the airline operates domestic scheduled and charter flights to 14 destinations in 10 aimags of Mongolia including Dornod, Bayankhongor, Khuvsgul, Umnugobi, Khovd, Uvs, Zavkhan, Bayan-Ulgii, Gobi-Altai and Uvurkhangai, and operates international scheduled service to Hailar in China's Inner Mongolia region and Ulan-Ude in Russian Federation's Buryat Republic, and charter services to points in China, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The airline’s name “Eznis” means ‘easiness in flight’. The name consists of two parts which when put together say 'easy flight': the first two letters “Ez” stand for “easy” in English and “nis” is a Mongolian word meaning “fly”.

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