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Fiat logo

Fiat first used the five-bar logo on the Uno in 1982, after Fiat design chief Mario Maioli – driving past the Mirafiori factory at night after a power cut – saw the giant FIAT logo on top of the plant, set against the fading likght of the sky. He did a quick sketch – five bars represented the spaces he could see between the letters.

Since the first decades of the 20th century the first Fiat units have been driven through Argentina. In 1919 a Turin Fiat branch is settled down in Buenos Aires, and four years later, in 1923, Fiat Argentina S.A. Is set up for sale and technical back up of cars and trucks imported from Italy. In 1948 the Fiat delegation for Latin America (DAL) is created, in order to study the possibility of helping with technicians and working capitals to our country development in the main fields of agriculture, energy and transport. The central office is set up at 764 Sarmiento st., Buenos Aires. Fiat initial activity in Argentina was related to the agriculture department. On that purpose, in 1949 Agromecanica S.A.C.I.F. Is set up for the marketing, importation and technical backup of Fiat tractors. Other activity branch was the maintenance and technical back up of big diesel motors. The company in charged of this activity, Fidemotor was founded in 1951.

In 1952, Fiat Italycomes to a technical back up agreement with the tractors factory belonging to the sate owned company IAME (State Aeronautical and Mechanical Industries).
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