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Fila was conceived in 1911 in Biella, in the shadows of the Italian Alps. It was born of a textile DNA that was luxuriously and vibrantly textured. It was schooled in the art of fine wovens, as exquisitely dimensional as its homeland: the brand assumed boldness from its mountainous landscape, its fluidity from the Mediterranean coast. The brothers Fila borrowed an aesthetic cue from Europe, but relied as much on sheer design instinct: the brand evolved as a sophisticated product of its upbringing, a tapestry both ruggedly and leisurely refined.

With a superb inclination for the avant garde and a taste for the finer things in life, Fila made a dramatic debut as an elite performance brand in 1973. It coyly introduced cotton rib to tennis while courting the nobility of Bjorn Borg. Sported by Ingemar Stenmark in his pursuit of 86 World Cup titles, it swept the likes of Innsbruck and Lake Placid. It graced the greens of the British Open and trained for a Master’s title with the legendary Tom Watson. It aspired to the pinnacle of world recognition at Everest, sans oxygen, alongside Reinhold Messner in 1978. Such exclusivity propelled Fila to the forefront of contemporary and classic outerwear. The brand celebrated its authenticity by launching the first velour track suit on the globe. Once fluent in the universal language of movement, it claimed its rightful heritage as a world player—all the while capturing the loyalties of the individual athlete and the sportswear cognoscenti in the 1980s.

Inherent in its arrival as a global brand was its love affair with tennis. Fila dominated the scene by a virtual surrounding of it, from clay court ingenuity in design detailing to a 22-year sponsorship of the U.S. Open. The brand tailored its suite of clothing and footwear to the elite athlete, then made the same luxury offering accessible to spectators. More than an icon, Fila sought both an on- and off-court presence that spoke to personal involvement. Fila had begun to carve its niche as a brand that not only catered to the well-heeled, but to the individual performer.

By the 1990s, Fila was that kind of gracious player that owed its distinction to being invited. Its good manners had a significant impact on the running world, where design took a novel approach: Fila introduced footwear intended to complement the run, rather than overpower it. While others sought to make the instrument of the shoe louder and technologically over-keyed, Fila sought a pure, lightweight accompaniment that allowed the performer to sing. As discerning of potential as it was passionate, Fila even found its way to Kenya—a land where children ran barefoot for miles on dirt roads with tea fields their only grandstands. The Kenyan nationals took the sport by global storm while Fila helped cultivate the talent at the grassroots level. It was a philosophy that would endure into the 21st Century with the brand fully dedicated to providing opportunity to people in its sponsorships.

Fila eventually made prominent its home in the pulse of Milan, in the “golden quadrangle” where Italy’s most distinguished draw breath. It continued to exhibit remarkable cultural and historical finesse, from the backdrop of ancient Rome at the Italian Open to the inaugural stage of the Kremlin Cup. It became larger-than-life on the powdered tails of Alberto Tomba, arced triumphant on the shoulders of Monica Seles. It settled in a timeless rhythm of feathered waters with Antonio Rossi, and waxed undefeatable on the hardcourt in a dogged two-year stand with Kim Clijsters. It was the millennium and the diversity of modern athletes that significantly crowned the brand with its next generation of Italian-inspired collections. Layered in nearly one hundred years of innovation, the brand’s contemporary fabric was woven of the personal fulfillment of its consumers.

Still a virtuoso of design in the art of motion, Fila has now added breadth and depth to its luxurious core. Tennis, running and, once again the mountain sports, have seen the advent of unequalled tailoring and craftsmanship. Precise details and high-end materials have led to a convergence that have made form and function now seamless. Fila’s timeless legacy has been exalted in the introduction of its Vintage line—a tribute to the brand’s historical forms, as glamorously understated as Bjorn himself. In 2005, Fila launched one of its most enlightened product platforms in the fitness category. The Eastern balance between mind and body is holistically embraced in the brand’s wellness category, Benessere. This reflection of Fila’s global citizenry, as well as its international sphere of influence, has made the brand a preferential luxury among lifelong athletes.

Spring, 2006 saw the re-invention of fashion-inspired links apparel and footwear in golf. The brand’s encore performance in one of the world’s most elite sports will be accompanied by the grand entrance of the Fila Biella collection. Inspired by the fluidity of today’s consumer—who views sport as an identity more than a mere activity—both the flowing hand of Fila Biella and the striking collections in golf will be designed to appeal to the sophisticated well-roundedness of today’s consumer.

In April 2007, Fila became a part of GLBH, Global Leading Brands House, a global fashion group which creates and develops the world class high-end fashion brands. Fila & GLBH reaffirmed the brand’s commitment to the sport so entrenched in its heritage with the signing of WTA Tour rising star, Agnes Szavay. Fila added the Stella Artois Championships, to its existing tennis event sponsorships of the Sony Ericsson Open, Pacific Life Open, Campbell’s Hall of Fame Championships and Italian Open. Fila’s new licensing agreement with The Championships at Wimbledon, brings Fila back to the grand stage where Bjorn Borg first put Fila on the map in the world of sport. Fila forged partnerships with J Records music label Polo Grounds Music to make sure Fila fashion appears on the hottest new artists in the music industry. Fila’s new partnership with Launch Pad PR is aimed to make Fila the product of choice of fashion forward starlets in Hollywood. New Collaborations with retailers such as Premium Goods, Supreme and Kitson keep the brand fresh by creating co-branded limited edition product.

The exceptionalities are all indicative of a brand that has come full circle after nearly a century—at home in luxury, poised in performance—playing at the top if its game.
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