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In just nine years GOL has increased its fleet from 6 to 108 aircraft, establishing itself as one of the fastest growing low-cost, low-fare airlines in the world. The company currently offers the most extensive and convenient routes in South America: there are about 860 daily flights to 61 destinations in ten countries. Combined with over 30 operational partnerships with foreign companies, GOL's route network is among the best serving customers traveling to, from and within Brazil.

A large portion of the company's clients are flying for the first time: since GOL's fares are often competitive with bus fare, every year more Brazilians and South Americans gain access to flying - statistically the fastest, most convenient an safest mode of travel.

GOL's business model is based on structures, systems and controls that enhance the quality of the service, high technology, safety and standardization of the fleet, as well as the motivation and productivity of its team. With a constant focus on reducing costs, the company's strategy is based on profitable growth through a low-cost and high quality structure for providing service to clients. Through this business model, GOL revolutionized the Brazilian airline industry and became a benchmark in the international market.

The company's Next Generation Boeing 737-700 and 737-800, equipped with winglets - a technology that helps keep operating costs even lower - are a fundamental part of GOL's strategy to make air travel affordable in South America. With a new and modern fleet, comprised of the safest and most comfortable aircraft in the class, GOL's operations are differentiated by reduced maintenance costs and low fuel consumption, which provides the company high use and efficiency rates.

In accordance with its corporate objectives, GOL once again revolutionized Brazilian aviation when it acquired VRG Linhas AĆ©reas, operating the VARIG brand, on March 28, 2007. The acquisition was one of the most important steps in GOL's history: it allowed the company to expand its market coverage and operating capacity, offering differentiated services to strategic destinations with high volumes of business passengers.

Looking ahead, GOL continues to evaluate opportunities to expand its operations, launching new flights in the domestic market and in other high traffic international centers, in South American and the Caribbean.

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