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George Killian's Irish Red logo

"Beer means more where i come from. We celebrate its brilliant color, its burst of aroma and flavor, and how it flows through so many human endeavors to fill our glasses and our hearts."

There's an art to roasting barley: the darker the roast, the darker the beer. George Killian's Irish Red owes its rich red color and flavor to the extra time and expertise it takes to make perfectly slow - roasted caramelized malt. Unlike some, we use nothing artificial to color our beer. Its exquisite ruby red hue is the true color of the malt.

Surprisingly smooth. Distinctively malty. Clean. A little creamy. Flavorful, but not at all heavy. This is how drinkers characterize George Killian's Irish Red.
We call it a full - bodied lager. Ideal for people seeking more flavor and character.
Gourmands consider it the perfect complement for a wide range of cuisine. Fresh and light enough to quench a hot thirst, substantial enough to stand up to meaningful conversation.
Consistently delicious and never bitter, it goes with virtually everything.
In fact, if what you're eating doesn't taste good next to a George Killian's, maybe you shouldn't be eating it.

No man is a stranger here. Duck in to warm by the fire and the barman will know your story in the time it takes to pour a perfect pint. Soon enough, everyone else at the counter will know it too, and you will be in the circle of conversation. The band plays. Time becomes meaningless. You'll stay until the music and stories end. Then you'll come back tomorrow and ever after, because this is you place now. (George Killian)

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