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Gulf Air's Frequent flyer programme brings even more advantages and benefits that puts it on a par with any other frequent flyer programme in the world. Several of its features are simply unique.

The number of loyalty points and miles earned vary depending on the route and class flown, to make sure you get the number of points you deserve.
The rewards for flying in our Falcon Gold are outstandingly generous. Take a qualifying flight in Falcon Gold and you'll earn twice the miles you'd earn in Economy Class.
Tier bonuses for Silver and Gold members are earned at 25% and 50%. This is on top of the double miles when you travel in Falcon Gold.
Once you've reached Silver or Gold status it's easy to maintain it, because the required number of loyalty points is lowered for your second and subsequent years of membership.
Gold members who clock up a total of 10,000 loyalty points within a five year period, are awarded Gold membership for life!

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