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Klubi i Futbollit or KF Elbasani is an Albanian football club, which plays in the city of Elbasan. The club was founded in 1913, from the fusion of two teams, "Aferdita Elbasan" and "Perparimi Elbasan", under the name "Klubi Futbollit Urani Elbasan".
In 1932, the club renamed themselves "KS Skampa Elbasan", in 1939, "KS Bashkimi", in 1949 "KS Elbasani", in 1950 "Puna Elbasan", and from 1958 to 1991 they were named "KS Labinoti Elbasan". The club plays at the Ruzhdi Bizhuta stadium (capacity 13.500).
In the season of 1984-85, the team participated in a European cup competition for the first time. The club played in the first qualifying round of the 2005-06 UEFA Cup, but were eliminated by FK Vardar of the Republic of Macedonia (1-1 aggregate).
During the 2005/06 season, the team of Elbasani dominated the Albanian Superliga and won the second title in their history, finishing the competition with 11 points more than their rivals in SK Tirana. The city of Elbasan celebrated the fact in a unique way in Albania, by bringing the players downtown in an open bus, where tens of thousands of fans congratulated them.
In the 2006-07 1st qualifying round for the Champions League they were eliminated by FK Ekranas from Lithuania (1-3 aggregate). On 24 December 2006 coach Luan Deliu was fired and replaced by Edmond Gezdari.

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