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Kenwood is aiming to become a "World Excellent Company" with its core competencies in sound and wireless radio communications. Kenwood, which was established in 1946 in Akaho, Nagano Prefecture as a company specializing in radio assembly and repair, produced an advanced high-frequency coil by taking advantage of its location surrounded by mountains, where radio waves were weak. The high-frequency technology that was built at that time became the base for the Company to develop FM tuners and amateur radios. Since then, it has expanded its business domains steadily to include home-use and car-mounted audio systems as well as commercial radio equipment businesses. Its business areas have also expanded into North America, Europe, Asia, particularly China, East Europe, particularly Russia, Latin America and the Middle East.

During the period when the Company was called TRIO Electronics, Inc. (1960 - 1986), it developed as a full-scale audio manufacturer with the launch of FM tuners that were evaluated as the world's best, followed by transistorizing audio products for the first time in the industry. The Company leveraged its advanced technologies that it had developed in home-use audio products to enter into the car audio product and portable audio product markets in 1980 and 1982, respectively, establishing the foundation of its present concept of sound entertainment.

After changing its name to Kenwood Corporation in 1986, the Company aggressively entered new business fields such as car navigation systems and mobile phone business enabled by advances in digital networks and IT technologies, becoming known as the "Kenwood " sound and communications." Its business performance was poor for some time due to the severity of the business environment after the collapse of Japan's bubble economy. The Company carried on a bold structural reform starting in July 2002, and succeeded in completely reforming its financial base and capital structure in August 2005. Thus, Kenwood was able to make a clean break with the difficulties of the past.
At present, the Company is making efforts to expand its corporate value in accordance with the second mid-term business plan, the "Value Creation Planh formulated in May 2005 based on the corporate vision of a new Kenwood gReaching out to discover, inspire and enhance the enjoyment of life." Kenwood is pursuing a growth strategy in its core businesses of Car Electronics, Communications Equipment, and Home Electronics by making use of its assets including technical prowess, product planning capability, global networks, and brand power. Moreover, as the sole manufacturer simultaneously doing the three businesses, we will try to further combine audio and radio communications, which are our core competences. Through these measures, we will continue our utmost efforts to be the dominant company in the world in the business domain of "Mobile & Home Multimedia Systems". www.kenwood.com