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Track the history of Korean Air since its establishment in 1969 and discover how Korean Air becomes a leading airline in the aviation industry.

The air transport industry in Korea was initially formed with the establishment of Korea National Airlines (KNA), a private company in 1948.

However, as a result of insufficient demand for air traffic, its inability to compete with foreign carriers, its underdeveloped airline management skills and technology, KNA went bankrupt in 1962.

Korean Air Lines was then founded in 1962 as an intergovernmental enterprise. Despite Korean Air Lines' immense endeavors to secure its success by introducing new aircraft and expanding international routes, the intergovernmental enterprise failed again due to inefficient management skills.

Korean Air was established as a private airline privatizing in March 1969. In nearly 35 years, it has grown 150 times and is poised to continue that growth into the next millennium. www.koreanair.com Korean Air hires logo PNG