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Krusovice logo

The Royal Brewery of Krušovice (cs: Královský pivovar Krušovice, shortform Krušovice) is a Czech brewery, established in 1517 by Jiří Birka in the village of Krušovice.[30] The brewery gained a contract to provide beer to Emperor Rudolf II in 1581, allowing them to use the Imperial Crown of Austria as part of the company's logo. The company was acquired by Heineken in July 2007.[31]
As of December 2006, the following beers are brewed regularly by Krusovice:
Krušovické černé
Krušovické černé 3.5%
Krušovické Imperial 12°
Krušovické Jubilejní ležák
Krušovický ležák 12°
Krušovické Mušketýr
Krušovické Radler
Krušovické světlé 10°

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