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1920 Inauguration of the first airline connection from Warsaw.
1921 "Aerotarg" Poznań Airline Society is established for a short time, which organises the first Polish regular connection from Poznań to Warsaw in May and June.
1922 Establishment of a limited liability company called "Aerolloyd" Polish Airlines.
5 September – establishment of a regular connection from Gdańsk to Warsaw and further to Lvov.
1925 Transformation of "Aerolloyd" into "Aerolot" Joint-Stock Company and transfer of technical facilities from Gdańsk Wrzeszcz Airport to Warsaw Mokotów Airport.
In Poznań an airplane transportation enterprise called Aero Sp. z o. o. [Ltd.] is established, which in spring starts its regular operations between three cities: Poznań-Łódź-Warsaw.
1928 The Department of Civil Air Transportation in the Ministry of Transportation develops a programme of fundamental changes to take place in the Polish air transportation: closing of all private air transportation companies. One state self-governed enterprise is established on 29 December 1928 called Linje Lotnicze LOT Sp. z o. o. [LOT Airlines Ltd.].
1929 1 January – the beginning of the company's operations. Extension of the so-far connections with another two: from Warsaw to Katowice and Bydgoszcz. Advertising activities include posters and booklets advertising Polish air transportation, promotional and sightseeing flights over Warsaw and its closest proximity.
May – establishment of a special additional airline connecting Warsaw with Poznań, on the occasion of the Comprehensive National Exhibition. Announcement of a competition for the company's graphic mark. The winner of the competition completed at the year-end becomes Tadeusz Gronowski, a Warsaw visual artist and its design of a stylised flying crane. The company's name is extended with the adjective "Polish."
1930 LOT Polish Airlines join the International Air Transportation Association (IATA).
1931 Recognition of the "crane" as the emblem of LOT Polish Airlines.
A multi-sectional connection: Warszawa - Lvov - Czerniowce – Bucharest is established.
1934 After five years of its operations, LOT receives headquarters located in the new modern Warsaw Okęcie Airport, where technical facilities are built, including hangars, workshops and warehouses.
1938 After the change of some Polish spelling rules the company's name becomes Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT (formerly, Polskie Linje Lotnicze). May – June: the first transatlantic experimental flight of the LOT's crew from the United States to Poland.
1939 During war operations in September 1939, 16 out of 26 airplanes constituting the Polish fleet are interned in Romania. Evacuation of most of LOT's employees and movable property. During the WWII all LOT's hangers and airport buildings are destroyed.
1945 Reactivation of the pre-war company: Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT Sp. z o. o. [Polish Airlines Ltd.], under compulsory state control.
March, April, May – a network of LOT national branch offices is established.
LOT's first post-war advertising poster depicting airplanes flying over ruins next to cranes in V-formation. The slogan on the poster is: "The wings of LOT Polish Airlines will help in reconstruction."
The first flights timetable: a sheet of paper with a drawn national network of connections, with the specification of days, times of departures and arrivals as well as airplane types operating on a given connection.
18 July – LOT Polish Airlines State Enterprise is established by decree of the Council of Ministers. Wojciech Zieliński, a pre-war proxy of LOT, is appointed the executive director.
1946 Takeover of ten Li-2 double engine aircrafts from the army and starting the first national connection after WWII, namely, Warsaw – Gdańsk.
LOT buys 9 Douglas DC-3 airplanes, starts again the network of domestic and international connections to Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and Prague.
1949 LOT fleet increases by five Ił-12 airplanes for 18 passengers.
The number of destinations extends to Brussels.
After the war LOT starts connections Bucharest, Budapest and Copenhagen.
1955 Delivery of the first out of thirteen lt-14 planes ordered.
Establishment of a connection to Vienna and Moscow.
The first million of passengers transported since the beginning of LOT's operations.
1957 Delivery of three American Convair CV-240 airplanes transporting forty passengers in a pressure cabin.
1958 Establishment of connections from Warsaw to London and Zurich.
1961 LOT buys the first turboprop planes: Soviet Ił-18 taking 100 passengers on board; by the end of 1966, eight planes were purchased. Ił-18 was the best Soviet passenger plane, which was built in many different versions.
1963 Establishment of the first post-war non-European LOT connection to Cairo, and next Baghdad, Beirut, Benghazi, Damascus and Tunis.
1968 The beginning of the era of jet airplanes started in the Polish air transportation. On 6 November in Warsaw, the first of out five purchased Tu-134's lands. Those fast medium-range machines were introduced on European connections to replace An-24 and on some routes to replace Ił-18 operating there so far.
Establishment of a connection from Warsaw to Kiev and Istanbul.
1969 Opening of a new passenger terminal at Warsaw Okęcie Airport.
1972 Introduction of the first long-distance Ił-62 airplanes to the fleet.
Charter flights inaugurate establishment of the first air transportation connection over the Atlantic Ocean in the Polish history.
1973 16 April – establishment of a regular connection: Warsaw-New York.
1974 The Department of Chartered Flights is set up, which for over 30 years will be concerned with the organization of charger flights.
1976 The first flight to the Far East, i.e. Bangkok via Dubai and Bombay.
By the end of 1970's, LOT flies regularly to Kuwait, Tripoli and Algiers.
1978 Polish artists: Roman Duszek and Andrzej Zbrożek develop new graphics for LOT airplanes: the whole plane is painted white, in front of the plane there is a large LOT sign written in an italic bent to the right, whereas on the directional rudder there is a "crane" and the Polish flag.
1980 -1981 Air transportation collapses. Autumn 1981 – some Western airlines suspend their connections with Warsaw. On 13 December, all LOT Polish Airlines connections are suspended.
1984 After two years, charter flights to New York and Chicago are resumed.
1985 28 April – regular flights to New York and Chicago are resumed.
In the first half of 1980's, new connections from Warsaw were established, namely, to New Delhi and Beijing.
1986 A decision is made to withdraw Ił-18 and Tu-134 airplanes.
New Latvian medium-range planes come to Warsaw: Soviet Tu-154M introduced successively on European and Middle East connections. Transatlantic charter flights reach Detroit and Los Angeles.
1988 A decision is made to buy American planes, which – to a large extent – affects the shape and possibilities of developing of the Polish national airlines. Having purchased Boeing 767 widebody jets, LOT becomes the first carrier in Central and East European countries operating American equipment.
Establishment of the longest LOT connection to Singapore.
1989 The first two Boeings start to be operated.
LOT is the host of the IATA General Assembly.
2.3 million passengers have used LOT's services.
1990 The third Boeing 767-300 ER lands on the Warsaw Airport.
1991 The first French and Italian ATR-72 airplanes appear in LOT's fleet.
Establishment of connections to Vilnius, Kiev, Minsk and Lvov.
1992 Deliveries of Boeing 737.
December – transformation of PLL LOT into a single-shareholder State Treasury company. Reconstruction of LOT aimed at adjusting it to operate under new conditions of the market economy.
A LOT Voyager loyalty programme starts, introduced for convenience of passengers who travel with LOT Polish Airlines frequently.
Opening of modern Warsaw Okęcie Airport as well as a cargo terminal and catering facilities.
1993 Establishment of four connections from Warsaw via Stockholm to Oslo, from Katowice to Frankfurt, from Warsaw to Riga and from Wrocław via Poznań to Düsseldorf.
1994 Signing a code-share agreement with American Airlines.
Establishment of a connection from Kraków to Vienna and from Warsaw to Tallinn, Thessalonica, Zagreb and Niece. LOT has the youngest air fleet among all airline companies in the world (IATA's report prepared by BDWAviation Service, an Australian consulting company).
1995 Starting connections from Gdańsk to Copenhagen and from Kraków to Zurich.
LOT's promotional campaign conducted on the American market as the only campaign carried out by an airline wins the second place during CLIO'95 International Festival of Advertising Forms in San Francisco, in the category of printed advertisements related to tourism. The slogan of the campaign is "Poland is free. The flight very reasonable"
1996 "Business Travel World" recognizes LOT as the best airline in Central and Eastern Europe in the business class. LOT Polish Airlines receives the same award in consecutive years: 1997, 1998 and 1999.
Inauguration of connections from Warsaw to Munich and Stuttgart as well as from Wrocław to Frankfurt and from Poznań to Copenhagen.
1997 LOT sets up a sister airline company, EuroLOT, which takes over domestic flights. Its task is also to co-participate in the creation of Central and East European transit hub in Warsaw and develop regional foreign flights on routes with less intense traffic.
1998 LOT becomes a laureate of the "Business Traveller" monthly award for the best airlines in Eastern Europe. It receives the same award in 1999 and 2000. The highest number of charter flights in history.
1999 Purchase of regional Embraer ERJ-145 jets. A fast and small jet aircraft makes more flights a day and connects Warsaw with selected centres of passenger traffic in Europe more frequently.
18 November – the Minister of the State Treasury signs agreements for the sale of LOT's shares to Swiss SAirGroup Holding. Privatisation of the Polish airlines starts. At the same time, LOT Polish Airlines concludes an agreement with SAirGroup for strategic cooperation and an agreement for joining the world's largest airline alliance, namely the Qualiflyer Group, which takes place on 1 January 2000. Despite selecting a foreign investor, LOT fully preserves its identity and the Polish character.
2000 In 2000/2001 winter season, LOT increased significantly the number of its connections. It was first of all related to the process of transforming Okęcie Airport into a hub. Owing to this, Warsaw has become an attractive place not only for local but also for transit traffic.
Establishing new connections, among others, to Zagreb, Tallinn, Bucharest, and London (Gatwick).
LOT's fleet increased by eight Embraers ERJ-145 and three Boeings 737-500. Delivery of 11 new airplanes in 2000 was the largest delivery of planes in one year in the company's history.
2001 The number of passengers transported within one year exceeded 3 million.
Again, LOT is included in the group of the best airlines in the world; high quality of onboard services, professionalism of service, punctuality and quality of meals were praised in OAG's and Business Traveller's rankings.
Establishment of new connections, among others, to Odessa, Göteborg, Beirut, Damascus and Zielona Góra.
2002 During a meeting of heads of airlines participating in the Qualiflyer Group alliance, which took place on 8 February in Zurich, a decision was made to complete cooperation under the alliance. LOT makes attempts at being accepted in a different alliance.
Regular connections are established between Warsaw and Kaliningrad and Bratislava as well as Poznań and Frankfurt.
In April, LOT and Lufthansa signed a preliminary agreement on strategic cooperation and a code-share agreement on joint operation of airline connections between Poland and Germany. Those agreements have opened up for the Polish airlines a road to membership in Star Alliance.
LOT receives another award from OAG and Business Traveller.
In July, LOT and ATR, an Italian and French consortium, signed a contract for the supply of five ATR-42 500 airplanes.
By cutting a white and blue ribbon girding the Crane sculpture located in the atrium, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, President of the Republic of Poland, symbolically opened a new office building of LOT Polish Airlines. His Eminence, Cardinal Józef Glemp, the Primate of Poland took part in this ceremony, as well as he blessed the building and the audience gathered.
2003 Miles & More has become a programme for passengers who flyfrequently with LOT Polish Airlines. The programme includes over 8 million participants all over the world and is the largest programme of that kind in Europe.
In Paris, LOT and Embraer Brazilian manufacturer signed an agreement for the delivery of Embraer 170 airplanes with 70 seats.
OAG and Business Traveller again recognizes LOT as the Best Central and East European Airlines by.
26 October, LOT becomes a member of Star Alliance, the world's largest alliance of airlines, the members of which set the highest standards in world's aviation industry. In connection with joining the Star Alliance by LOT, Boeing 737-500 SP-LKE received new promotional painting.
Subsequent code-share agreements are signed with United, bmi, Aeroflot, and All Nippon Airways.
2004 LOT started to sell etix electronic tickets for domestic connections.
Conclusion of a code-share agreement with Air Canada and TAP Portugal
In March, LOT as the first airlines in the world introduces Embraer 170 being the most recent product of the Brazilian manufacturer. The first commercial flight of the plane takes place on 17 March from Warsaw to Vienna.
For the seventh time in succession, Business Traveller recognizes LOT as the best carrier in the region.
In June, during Poznań Fairs of Industrial Technologies and Investment Goods, President Aleksander Kwaśniewski distinguished LOT with the Special Award of the President of the Republic of Poland for its "Special contribution in bringing Poles closer to the nations of Europe and the rest of the world."
LOT celebrates the 75th anniversary of its existence. On this occasion, among others, in the Museum of Posters in Warsaw-Wilanów an exhibition of posters issued by LOT takes place, an album is published, as well as an occasional stamp and FDC envelope are released.
New connections to Dublin and Venice are established.
Over 4 million passengers have used LOT's services
2005 For the eighth time, Business Traveller recognizes LOT as the best carrier in Central and Eastern Europe.
A decision is made about selecting a new long-distance aircraft. In October 2008, Boeing 787 Dreamliners will start to be used by LOT and LOT will become the first airlines in Europe to receive this plane model
January - Centralwings obtains its Airline Licence and commences ticket sales. - LOT Polish Airlines wins internet portal Pasażer.com's first internet poll for best airline.
February 1st - The first Centralwings Boeing 737 flight takes off, from Warsaw to London Gatwick.
March 4th - LOT Boeing 767 pilot Janusz Centka, on the basis of a proposal by the Polish Aeroclub, is awarded the Lilienthal Medal - the highest honour for glider pilots - at a meeting of the FAI International Gliding Committee in Lausanne. Capt. Janusz Centka is the seventh Pole and the second LOT pilot to receive this prestigious award.
May - LOT orders four Embraer 175 aircraft. May 31st - The Presidents of LOT S.A. and All Nippon Airways sign a code-share agreement between the two airlines in Kyoto, Japan.
August 1st - LOT launch a new publicity campaign under the slogan "You're flying in good hands". July 14th - LOT takes delivery of a Boeing 767-300ER SP-LPE.
September 7th - The Supervisory Board of LOT S.A. pass a resolution expressing its agreement to the conclusion of a contract to purchase seven Boeing 787 Dreamliners. LOT will be the first airline in Europe and the second in the world to receive this model. - LOT opens a new route from Warsaw to Ljubljana. - LOT S.A. is awarded, for the 8th year running, the title of "Best Airline in Central and Eastern Europe".
October 30th - LOT S.A. and Singapore Airlines sign a route-sharing agreement, thanks to which customers of both airlines are able to travel conveniently on routes between South-East Asia and Poland.
November 28th - LOT opens a new route from Warsaw to Bydgoszcz and reopens the route from Warsaw to Zielona Góra. Jetstream 32 aircraft will service these routes.
2006 May 28th - Pope Benedict XVI returns to Rome on a LOT flight following his pilgrimage to Poland. - LOT S.A. signs an inter-airline electronic ticketing agreement with British Airways.
April 28th - LOT takes delivery of the newest type of aircraft in its fleet - the Embraer EMB-175 SP–LIA. June - LOT S.A. is awarded the title of "Brand of High Reputation" in the Services and Trade category.
June 17th - LOT Boeing 767 pilot Janusz Centka, flying the Polish glider "Diana", wins the title of World Champion in the 15-metre class at the 29th World Gliding Championships in Sweden. - LOT S.A. is awarded the title of "King of Jazz 2006" by the organizers of the 12th International Open-Air Jazz in the Old Town Festival. July - LOT begins a series of charter flights on the Tokyo – Warsaw – Tokyo route, ordered by Japanese firm The Contact Inc.
August 1st - Participants of the 17th World Precision Flying Championships, at which LOT pilots Krzysztof Wieczorek, Janusz Darocha and Krzysztof Skrętowicz won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively, return to Warsaw. The same day, participants of the 15th World Rally Flying Championships in Troyes, France, at which LOT pilot Capt. Wacław Wieczorek and son Michał won 1st place, also return to Warsaw.
September 12th - LOT launches an advertising campaign for its new Business Class on transatlantic flights. - LOT S.A. receives the "Leader of Polish Tourism 2006" certificate, awarded by the Tourism Promotion Agency in the Airline category.
October 4th - LOT S.A. is awarded, for the first time, the title of "IT Leader" and prize in a competition organized by weekly "Computerworld", for achievements in the use of IT. October 29th - LOT reopens the Katowice – Munich – Katowice route, suspended in 2001.
November 9th - LOT S.A. and the Polish Tourist Organisation sign a cooperation agreement at LOT's Headquarters - LOT has carried 3,708,239 passengers.
2007 April 16th - LOT launches a campaign for the promotion of domestic flights in ATR aircraft with new, more comfortable seats. May 7th - LOT opens routes from Katowice to Turin and from Warsaw to Stuttgart.
May 11th - LOT S.A. is recognized as Patron of the Polish Academy of Medicine, at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. August 7th - Boeing's newest aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner, is unveiled in Seattle, with the participation of representatives of LOT S.A.
June 3rd - LOT opens a route from Rzeszów to New York. May - LOT S.A. wins internet portal Pasażer.com's 3rd internet poll for "Best Airline (2006) in Poland".
July - LOT is the first airline in Poland to launch a Virtual Stewardess on its website. The computerised figure, an InteliWISE intelligent avatar, is able to serve an innumerable number of customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. - Ticket sales begin for flights from Warsaw to Beijing. July 28th - The Awards Committee of the Władysławowo Sports Walk of Fame, at their 8th awards, honours LOT pilot Capt. Witold Filus. Filus is the third LOT pilot, after Jerzy Makula and Wacław Wieczorek, to receive this unusual "Star".
August - Capt. Janusz Centka wins the gold medal, in the Polish glider "Diana 2", in the 15-metre class at the European Gliding Championships. - LOT launches an advertising campaign promoting its Warsaw - Hanover route. - LOT S.A. signs a contract with Ukrainian airline Dniproavia for maintenance of Embraer ERJ-145 aircraft.
September 17th - In London, representatives of LOT S.A collect, for the second time, the prestigious Business Traveller award for "Best Airline in Central and Eastern Europe".
October 27th - LOT S.A. is honoured by the Warsaw Destination Alliance foundation in recognition of its contribution to a campaign promoting Warsaw as an attractive business and tourist destination. - LOT opens a route from Wrocław to Brussels.
2008 LOT S.A. signs a contract for the purchase of twelve Embraer EMB- 175 aircraft, to be delivered in 2009-2012.
February - LOT launches of internet check-in: Web Check-In for passengers beginning their journeys at LOT-serviced national airports.
March 30th - LOT reopens the direct connection from Warsaw to Beijing. - LOT S.A. signs a contract with the Luxembourgish airline Luxair for joint use of connections on the Warsaw - Berlin - Luxembourg route.
March - LOT S.A. wins, for the second time in a row, the title of "Best Traditional Airline" in Pasażer.com's internet poll. - Capt. Wacław Wieczorek wins the silver medal at the 17th World Precision Flying Championships. Polish crew Janusz Darocha and Zbigniew Chrząszcz wins the gold medal at the 16th World Rally Flying Championships. Fellow team Capt. Krzysztof Skrętowicz and Krzysztof Wieczorek wins the bronze medal.
July 24th - LOT S.A. and the Polish Olympic Committee initial an agreement by which LOT receives the title of Official Carrier of the Polish Olympic Team at the Beijing Games. - Capt. Janusz Centka wins the silver medal in the 15-metre class at the 30th World Gliding Championships. - Capt. Dariusz Kędzierski wins the gold medal at the 10th European Microlight Championships. September 22nd - Prestigious British magazine Business Traveller awards LOT S.A., for the 11th time, the title of "Best Eastern European Airline". September 30th - Ryszard Kaczorowski, former President of Poland, is presented with the honorary badge "For Services to LOT Polish Airlines S.A.".
2009 In January LOT Polish Airlines commemorate its 80th Anniversary. On this occasion a special 80th Anniversary logo has been designed. It's been widely used for both internal and extrenal communications.
January marks the 80th anniversary of the establishment of LOT Polish Airlines. A special logo is designed to commemorate this jubilee and is used in all forms of external and internal communication.
March – Changes in the composition of the Supervisory and Management Boards of LOT Polish Airlines. Sebastian Mikosz is appointed as acting President of the Management Board
26th March – The Management Board of LOT Polish Airlines decides to close Centralwings. On 9 June court adjudicates the bankruptcy of Centralwings.
April - At the Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2009 Award Ceremony held at the Porczyński Gallery in Warsaw LOT Polish Airlines receives the Most Eco-Friendly Brand Award in the Airline category.
16th April – Launch of the flight service between Kraków and Athens
8th May – Launch of the flight service between Warsaw and Belgrade (LOT returns to the Serbian market after 15 years' hiatus)
11th May – Sebastian Mikosz is appointed as the President of the Management Board and CEO of LOT Polish Airlines
20th May – Court adjudicates the bankruptcy of LOT Ground Services. LOT Services signs an agreement with the receiver concerning the lease of LOT Ground Services company.
May – LOT Polish Airlines sets up a new charter division called LOT Charters.
1st June – The first charter flight operated by LOT Charters
4th June – LOT Polish Airlines' Golden Plane (Boeing 737-400) carries 160 „golden" passengers to Brussels to mark the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism in Central and Eastern Europe
June – New business class menu by chef Robert Sowa
10th July – Launch of flight service between Kraków and Rome
26th July - Polish pilots take all medals at the 19th World Precision Flying Championship held in Toruń. Krzysztof Wieczorek wins the gold medal, the silver and bronze medals go to Janusz Darocha and Marek Kachaniak. Poland wins in team competition.
August – LOT Polish Airlines announces the financial results for 2008 and launches the restructuring program
26th August – Morgan Stanley investment bank is selected as a financial advisor for LOT Polish Airlines
September – LOT Polish Airlines is named the official airline of the XIX Economic Forum in Krynica
2nd September – A new Embraer 175 joins the fleet of LOT Polish Airlines. The 600th aircraft of the E-jet family (twin-engined medium range jet airlines) painted in a special livery lands at the Okęcie airport.
12th September - Wacław Wieczorek and Bolesław Radomski (both pilots with LOT Polish Airlines) win the silver medal at the 7th FAI European Rally Flying Championship in Castellon, Spain. Poland wins gold in team competition.
21st September – LOT Polish Airlines wins the prestigious Business Traveller Award for "Best Eastern European Airline" for the twelfth time in a row. An advertising campaign for LOT Polish Airlines featuring famous London black cabs is launched on the streets of London
7th October – A LOT Polish Airlines aircraft is painted in a special livery advertising the city of Kraków and Małopolska region. The vertical stabilizer of the Embraer 170 bears an image of Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine from the collection of the Czartoryski Museum in Kraków. Lady with an Ermine is the only painting by Leonardo da Vinci in Poland and at the same time one of the most exceptional and famous symbols of Krakow.
October – Kaleidoscope, LOT Polish Airlines inflight magazine, receives the second-place award at the IX Business Bulletin Awards. Kaleidoscope is awarded in the most prestigious External Bulletin category.
8th November – LOT Polish Airlines and Cargojet, Canada's leading air cargo operator, inaugurate the first direct transatlantic freighter service in the history of Polish commercial aviation. A Boeing 767-200 ER Freighter, with a cargo capacity of up to 45 tonnes, will provide a weekly service between Katowice and Hamilton in Canada.

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