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Lambretta Consortium is considered as the sole legitimate successor of the former Italian company; Innocenti Società Generale per l'Industria Metallurgica e Meccanica (also known as "Innocenti"), the former trademark holder of "Lambretta", "Lambro" and "Innocenti" that ceased its activity during the 70ies of the last century.

Being part of the consortium, Lambretta SRL is the global owner of the brand Lambretta©® and has international trademark positions in the brands Lambro©® and Innocenti©®. Lambretta SRL acquired autonomous and independent the oldest rights concerning the trademarks, with the intent to revitalize and reinterpret, the spirit, the philosophy, the concept and the tradition of the legendary brands.

All trade marks, whether they are figurative or not, and all other marks, trade names, service marks, brand names, business names, illustrations, images, logos, registered or unregistered designs, copyrights and patents ("Intellectual Property"), which appear on our products, web store, accessories or packaging, whether registered or not, remain the exclusive property of Lambretta SRL. ...

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