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Lavazza imports coffee from around the world. Countries include Brazil and Colombia in South America, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras in Central America, Uganda in Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam in Asia and the United States and Mexico in North America. Sustainable production concerns have led the company to develop the ¡Tierra! project, a sustainable agriculture program in Honduras, Colombia, and Peru, that seeks to improve the quality of coffee as well as the environmental and working conditions of those communities.
Branded as "Italy's Favourite Coffee," the company claims that 16 out of the 20 million coffee purchasing families in Italy choose Lavazza. Among its offerings today are products such as Top Class, Super Crema, Crema e Gusto, Grand'Espresso, and Dek (decaffeinated).
The company operates a number of retail coffee shops (similar to Starbucks and Caribou Coffee). The shops offer traditional coffee drinks as well as whole bean and ground coffee for home use.
Advertising for Lavazza: Transport of coffee in Indochina.Lavazza has four production facilities located in Italy, with seven subsidiaries around the world: France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, and the United States. Lavazza distributes their products in eighty countries.
Lavazza has recently ventured into the Indian coffee market by buying out the entire stake of the Chennai-based Sterling Infotech group, chaired by C Sivasankaran, which owns the coffee chain The Barista Coffee Company and the coffee vending business Fresh and Honest.
The company's turnover for 2006 is estimated at €930 million.
Since 1991 Lavazza has produced the "Lavazza Calendar" featuring artistic fashion photography from some of the worlds leading photographers. Contributors have included Annie Leibovitz in 2009, David LaChapelle in 2002, Helmut Newton in 1993, Ellen Von Unworth in 1995, Eugenio Recuenco in 2007, and Erwin Olaf in 2005.The calendar has become an iconic showpiece of conceptual fashion photography.
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