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A Legend in the Brewing...

When Jacob Leinenkugel started this brewery in 1867, his first beer harkened back to his European traditions. Crisp and refreshing, distinctive and delicious, Leinenkugel's reminded the thirsty population of the traditional lagers they had enjoyed throughout Europe.

While many things have changed since 1867, Jacob's Old World brewing methods live on today in Leinenkugel's Original, as well as Leinenkugel's specialty and seasonal brews. We've been blessed with having fine employees and the finest brew masters in the country who have dearly held founder Jacob Leinenkugel's same standard for quality. They apprenticed under the finest brewers, attended the finest brewing schools, and have honed their skills in brewing flavor-filled, drinkable Leinenkugel's Beers.

When you've been brewing high-quality, handcrafted specialty beers in the same beautiful little town since 1867, you get used to doing things a certain way. And you can be sure that will never change. Our attitude about brewing has been the same: We're not out to take over the world; we're out to make great beer for lovers of beer.

There's no place, or beer, like ours. Discover our family of brews and taste for yourself.

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