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Lightning Audio logo

Lightning Audio was created in 1992, and immediately hit the jackpot with it's then revolutionary capacitors. Lightning Caps became a hot-commodity, and the company quickly moved into new areas of the market. Lightning Audio was voted an Inc. 500 company in 1997. We now sell speakers, amplifiers, batteries, and everything inbetween.

Lightning amps and speakers are our newest products to market, finally reaching the original dream of the Insane Install, with Lightning Audio running all the way through the car. Our new Jetta Demo Vehicle is our ritualistic tribute to our acheivement, our war cry as you hear us thumping through your town.

Lightning Audio has always prided itself by working on quality competition-grade car audio gear, and setting the trends that the industry follows. By combining the highest quality design, engineering and R & D they constantly increase performance, making installs even more insane, but not insane prices. www.lightningaudio.com Lightning Audio JPG 2550x493 logo