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In 1909, young chemist and natural entrepreneur Eugène Schueller sets up the company that will later become L’Oréal.

Everything begins with one of the first hair dyes, which he designs, produces and sells to hairdressers in Paris.

The move forges the first link in the chain that is to become L’Oréal “DNA”: using research and innovation to enhance beauty.

These are the formative years of “Le Grand L’Oréal”.

At the instigation of Chairman François Dalle, the Group starts to expand internationally.

Acquisitions of strategic brands mark the beginning of a period of spectacular growth for the company. Emblematic products come into being.

The company motto is “Savoir saisir ce qui commence” (seize new opportunities).

These twelve years are marked by a great period of growth for L'Oréal, mainly driven by the significant investments made by the group in the field of research.

Alongside these efforts are strategic product launches that not only make history, but also succeed in strengthening the Group’s brand image.

In 1988, François Dalle's successor, the research and development pioneer Charles Zviak, hands over the reins of the company to Lindsay Owen-Jones, a truly outstanding director.

Under his management, the Group would completely change in scope to become the world leader in cosmetics through the worldwide presence of its brands and strategic acquisitions.

There is no single type of beauty; it is a multiple-faceted quality framed by different ethnic origins, aspirations, and expectations that reflect the world’s intrinsic diversity.

With a portfolio of powerful, international brands, L’Oréal enters the 21st century by embracing diversity in its global growth agenda.

Headed since 2006 by Chairman Lindsay Owen-Jones, and Chief Executive Officer Jean-Paul Agon, the Group continues to make new acquisitions to cover the world’s varied cosmetic needs, and to undertake new socially responsible initiatives in the interests of sustainable development for all.

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