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The A.P. Moller - Maersk Group is a worldwide conglomerate. We operate in some 130 countries and have a workforce of some 108,000 employees. In addition to owning one of the world’s largest shipping companies, we’re involved in a wide range of activities in the energy, logistics, retail and manufacturing industries. More information about the Maersk Group can be found in our Group brochure here. Detailed information on our different business areas is available here.

The Executive Board handles day-to-day management and is responsible for our financial results and business growth. The Executive Board consists of Group CEO and Partner Nils Smedegaard Andersen, Trond Westlie, Jakob Thomasen, Claus V. Hemmingsen, Eivind Kolding, Søren Skou and Kim Fejfer. Read more about our management team...

(from: http://www.maersk.com/AboutMaersk/WhoWeAre/Pages/WhoWeAre.aspx) www.maersk.com