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Meridiana Fly logo


an important day for the Italian air transport sector. A new company was founded called Meridiana fly, the second largest airline company in Italy which merges two renowned air transport businesses: Eurofly and Meridiana. The merger transaction which commenced last November has finally come to an end and sees the integrations of their networks, fleets, organizational, commercial and administrative structures.

Meridiana fly currently the only Italian company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, offers an extensive network of intercontinental, international and domestic flights mainly departing from airports located in Northern and Central areas of Italy and, due to services provided by its domestic network, it also flies to all the major airports in the South of Italy, Sicily and Sardinia. The airline will serve a total of 7 intercontinental destinations, 48 international destinations (Europe and surrounding Countries) and 32 domestic ones.

Meridiana fly will consolidate its performance regarding punctuality and regularity, which is currently inline with the top carriers in this sector, and respectively 85% and 99%.

The "new" Meridiana fly company will have a fleet of 35 aircraft, including 17 MD82, 9 A320s, 4 A319s and 2 ATR 42 at its disposal with recently renovated cabin interiors on both the Airbus 320, 319 and 330, and the MD82. For a while, Meridiana fly will continue to use aircraft carrying the Meridiana and Eurofly logo whilst the airline code will be IG ,which has characterised Meridiana’s business since its incorporation in 1963, under the name of Alisarda.

(http://www.meridiana.it/en/company_informations/index.aspx) www.meridiana.it