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Norfolk Air logo

Norfolk Air draws on the experience and expertise of its operating partner Our Airline, on flights from Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney.

Norfolk Air currently provides three services a week from both Brisbane* and Sydney*, one every Monday from Newcastle* and one every Friday flying directly from Melbourne.

Norfolk Air is committed to providing service excellence to its customers, at the same time assisting in developing regular passenger services and supporting activities that develop and enrich the Norfolk Island community.

When you travel with Norfolk Air, you will certainly notice the distinctively Norfolk livery on the Boeing 737-300. The iconic Norfolk Pine has been stylised on the tail and reflects the vibrancy of Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island has truly so much to discover, whether you come to Norfolk for heavenly relaxation or to experience some soft adventure activities, you will soon discover for yourself why the Norfolk Islanders say "Es da baas side orn erth"- It's the best place on earth.

From everyone at Norfolk Air, we look forward to welcoming you onboard.

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