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Oasis Hong Kong Airlines logo

Oasis was one of a growing number of long-haul passenger airlines, such as Zoom Airlines, to adopt a budget airline model pioneered by the now defunct Laker Airways Skytrain service in the 1970s. Oasis offered non-stop service from Hong Kong to London, and began a service to Vancouver on June 28, 2007.[2] The airline was voted "World’s Leading New Airline" at the Annual World Travel Awards 2007.[3]
Much of the original success of Oasis Hong Kong was due to the airline's widely advertised minimum fares beginning at just GBP£75 one way. However, fares later became much less competitive.
In 9 April 2008, Oasis's CEO Stephen Miller announced at a press conference that the company would cease operations after suffering an accumulated loss of HK$1 billion (US$128 million) since its launch in October 2006. Accounting firm KPMG were appointed provisional liquidator by the airline.[4]

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