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Obaku Harmony logo

The Unity of simplicity
Merging two things in an artful way means getting rid of everything not really needed.Paring something right down to the bare essentials of simplicity and then giving it life,shape and texture.
Obaku Harmony is an exclusive collection of watches with a focus on simple,serene design. This collection is backed by a philosophy of blending the two different traditions of simplicity found in the European and Asian cultures.

Simplicity is a lifestyle.
An oasis of calm,balance and harmony in the midst of a world in constant movement.Regardless of where on the planet we may be we all need our own personal paradise where we find pleasure in the small details. A soft curve,the spray from a wave or the sound of rustling leaves.

The philosophy of Obaku Harmony.

The idea that there should be a sense of calm and balance in the items we use to adorn ourselves is what gave birth to the Obaku Harmony collection.
In Asia,Zen philosophies have given rise to a natural simplicity in both thought and act.Obaku Harmony takes its name from a branch of Zen philosophy and has created a universe characterised by a sense of calm free from all superfluous details.
The Northern European countries have a long design traditional featuring functionality and simplicity of composition.
Obaku Harmony has inherited the best from both these cultures,and has blended the simplicity found in both.

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