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Obolon logo

The corporation’s history dates back to 1974 when the construction site of the future brewery was sand filled. The start-up of production was dedicated to the 1980 Olympic Games.

Czech experts were engaged in the project as world-renowned brewmasters. They were the ones who identified the construction site for the new brewery. The choice of construction site was determined by the main factor, namely the availability of huge reserves of soft, crystal-clear water. Today, the water from Jurassic bedrock (290 m) ensures the high quality of our products.

Soon afterwards, the enterprise gave the impetus to developing the largest corporation in Ukraine to produce beer, low alcohol and soft drinks, and mineral water.

The plant received its current name only in 1986, after the district of Kyiv with the same name. The word ‘Obolon’ comes from the times of Kievan Rus, when it denoted low riverside meadows.

Built according to a Czech design, the brewery produced beer that gained wide popularity. After Ukraine became independent, Obolon was the first corporation to export hopped beverages to Europe and the USA. Obolon trademark beer started being perceived as traditional Ukrainian beer in the whole world.

After a quarter of a century, Obolon has evolved into a world-renowned trademark. Today people on five continents associate Obolon with Ukrainian beer #1. www.obolon.ua