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Pamir Airlines logo

Pamir Airways was inaugurated in May 1995 and is the first private airline in the history of Afghanistan to receive the Air Operator Certificate from the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Islamic Government of Afghanistan. Pamir Airways derived its name from the one of the highest mountain ranges in the world; the PAMIR MOUNTAIN is located in Afghanistan and throughout Central Asia.

Initially, Pamir Airways started its operation with one Boeing 707-320 and two AN-12 aircrafts.During the past two hajj seasons, Pamir Airways played a major role in successfully serving Afghan pilgrims to Saudi Arabia. Pamir Airways carried 9000 pilgrims in 2004 and 15000 pilgrims in 2005.

We are proud of our accomplishments to say that Pamir Airways has contributed and provided at the request of Government of Afghanistan a DC-10 aircraft free of charge to transport the Afghan Government's aid workers and supplies first aids to the Tsunami victims in Indonesia at the year 2005.

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