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Peugeot logo

The first trademark symbols for the PEUGEOT FRERES products were designed by Justin Blazer, a jeweler and engraver based in Montbéliard. In a letter written in 1847, an appeal was made to the "good taste" of the artist to create the best possible layout of the letters and ensure the longevity of the trademarks. They included an arrow that can be seen under the paws of the Lion, created in 1850.

The company filed three designs to distinguish between the different qualities in which its tools were available:

A lion, with or without an arrow, for top of the range products
A crescent moon for second category products
A hand for third quality.
In 1932, the Lion graphic was modified to suit the advertising and exhibition needs of the time.

Initially the new Cycle and Automobile companies continued to use the lion standing on an arrow. But, in order to personalize their trademarks, the different companies adopted individual graphics:

The CYCLE company used a Lion in combat
The AUTOMOBILE company used the famous shield-shaped badge, featuring the LION'S head, followed by the LION seen on the Arms of FRANCHE-COMTÉ, which also appear on the arms of the COMTE de MONTBELIARD.
The most recent heraldic Lion was designed in 1998.
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