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Phuket Air logo

Phuket Air was established in January 2001 to correspond with the Open Sky policy of the Royal Thai Government. The company began its operations with one Boeing 737-200 Jet to offer daily flight services on the Bangkok-Phuket-Bangkok route.

Since then Phuket Air has grown gradually at the end of 2002. We offer services with 4 aircrafts to 7 destinations to Phuket, Krabi, Hadyai,Ranong,Chiangmai,Udorn, Maesot with a total of 300 skillful employees.

Phuket Air aims to build for a long-term future and maintain a sound foundation to offering the most convenient, safe and enjoyable travel experience to all passengers. We bring together aviation industry professionals with a solid understanding of both technical and business aspects of the airline business and time-saving services.

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