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Pizza Hut has been making pizza America loves for 50 years!We were America's first national pizza chain,and we've never stopped growing,creating and innovating to bring you even more reasons to love Pizza Hut.Let's check out a slice of our history together and remember the good times.There's so much more to come!

On May 31,the first Pizza Hut restaurant opens in Wichita,Kansas,started by two college-aged brothers who borrowed $600 from their mother.
Pizza Hut is incorporated in Kansas and the first franchise unit opens in Topeka,Kansas.
The basic freestanding design of Pizza Hut restaurants is adopted.
The "Putt Putt to the Pizza Hut" musical jingle is developed for Pizza Hut's first television commercial.
Pizza Hut's first Home Office is built in Wichita,Kansas,to handle the business of the now 145 Pizza Hut restaurants. ...

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