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PlayBoy logo

Playboy, America’s eminent magazine was founded by the then 27-year-old Hugh Marston Hefner. This magazine was first released in the American market in December 1953. Playboy is the leading magazine which rules over the world with over 3 million copies in USA and 4.5 million magazines globally. There is no doubt that the playboy logo has played a vital responsibility in uplifting the magazine’s corporate image.

Art Paul, the first designer of the playboy logo sketched the well-known bunny head, wearing a tuxedo bow tie, which has been used since the second issue. The interesting fact about the playboy logo is that ever since it was printed on the magazine issue, it is still in use in its original form and has never been altered.

Design Elements of Playboy Logo:
According to the designer of the playboy logo, he chose the rabbit because of its “humorous sexual connotation” and also because the representation was “frisky and playful”. The playboy logo is undoubtedly mischievous in its nature.

Shape of Playboy Logo:
The playboy logo comprises of a bunny wearing a tuxedo bow tie which reflects the playful character of the magazine. The bunny solely describes the magazine’s charming, amusing and lively character.

Color of Playboy Logo:
Strong black is the only color that describes the playboy logo perfectly. The playboy logo color notifies the sound corporate grounds of the magazine. The entire playboy logo has been shaded black to induce an imposing appearance.

Size of Playboy Logo:
The playboy logo is in a standard size showcasing a strong business picture.

The playboy logo is said to be one of the best trademark in the world. It totally compliments with the magazine reflecting the playful and lively side of the monthly issue.

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