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Porsche logo

Ferdinand Porsche founded his own engineer office in Stuttgart, Germany, on april 25 1931. The company constructed the racing cars of the Auto Union AG and participated in the development of Volkswagen.

The production site was located in Gmünd, Carinthia for 6 years (1944-1950). There, son Ferry Porsche produced the 365, the first car that bore the name Porsche.

The family’s only son assumed chairmanship of the company in 1947. From that time on, he built up the today-popular sports car company.

Porsche was one of the companies that could celebrate success in racing – especially at the 24-hour-race from Le Mans, at Forumla 1, and at the Dakar Ralley.

The logo isn’t the only hallmark of the company, it is also known for the strengh of the motors. Porsche provides dependable vehicles suitable for daily use. In contrast to one of its main competitors, Ferrari, Porsche doesn’t set value on aggressive design.

Porsche is also very much sought-after for the design of new models. Seat, Opel, Subaru, Harley-Davidson and Yamaha frequently seek advice with the Stuttgart-based car producer.

Development- and remittance work goes to the Porsche Engineering Group, a subsidiary of Porsche AG.

History of the Porsche emblem:

The idea for the Porsche emblem came from the founder’s son, Ferry Porsche. The 6 antlers in the logo date from the province emblem of Baden-Württemberg.
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