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Post Cereals logo

Post Foods, LLC, also known as Post Cereals (formerly Postum Cereals) was founded by C.W. Post. It began in 1895 with the first Postum, a "cereal beverage", developed by Post in Battle Creek, Michigan. The first cereal, Grape-Nuts, was developed in 1897. Post has its headquarters in the Bank of America Plaza in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.[2]
The Postum Cereals company, after acquiring Jell-O gelatin in 1925, Baker's chocolate in 1927, Maxwell House coffee in 1928, and other food brands, changed its name to General Foods Corporation in 1929. General Foods was acquired by Philip Morris Companies in 1985.
In 1989, Philip Morris merged General Foods with Kraft Foods, which it had acquired in 1987, to form the Kraft General Foods division. The cereal brands of Nabisco were acquired in 1993. In 1995, Kraft General Foods was reorganized and renamed Kraft Foods.
On November 15, 2007, Kraft announced it would spin off Post Cereals and merge that business with Ralcorp Holdings.[3] That merger was completed August 4, 2008.[4] The official name of the company became Post Foods, LLC.

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