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They're little and they stick — but not too hard. That's why everyone loves Post-it® Notes! Yet the unique that makes these little notes so indispensable waited more than a decade for its chance to change the world.

Dr. Spencer Silver, a 3M scientist, discovered the formula for the sticky stuff back in 1968. But it was Silver's colleague, Art Fry, who finally came up with a practical use for it. The idea for repositionable notes struck Fry while singing in the church choir. His bookmark kept falling out of his hymnal, causing him to lose his page. So, taking advantage of a 3M policy known as the "bootlegging" policy, Fry used a portion of his working hours to develop a solution to his problem. Now the world is singing the praises of his pet project: Post-it® Notes.

After years of product development, 3M introduced the concept of Post-it® Notes in four major markets in 1977. But, without actual samples in hand to try, consumers didn't catch on. A year later, 3M blanketed the Boise, Idaho, market with samples upon samples of Post-it® Notes. After trying the notes, more than 90 percent of users said they'd buy the product themselves. The test was a success! By 1980, Post-it® Notes were being sold nationally. Today, they're used and enjoyed throughout the world.
(http://www.3m.com/us/office/postit/pastpresent/history_ws.html) www.post-it.com