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Red Bull logo

In 1982, Dietrich Mateschitz learned about so-called “tonic drinks”, which enjoyed wide popularity in Asia. While he was sitting sitting in the bar at the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong he got the idea of marketing those particular functional drinks outside Asia. This was not a new idea, but a variation on the Lucozade theme, another popular energy drink marketed by Smith Kline Beecham. However, Red Bull included other ingredients to achieve a different flavour.

So it was that in 1984, Mateschitz founded the Red Bull GmbH company. He fine-tuned the product, developed a unique marketing concept and started selling Red Bull Energy Drink on the Austrian market in 1987. Red Bull rapidly gained in popularity, giving people wings right from the start. In 1992, Red Bull touched down in its first foreign market, in Hungary. Today, Red Bull is energizing over 100 countries around the globe, such that many superstores have copied the idea with their own brand products, which invariably are inferior in one aspect or another.
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