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TDK was founded in Japan on 7 December 1935 to manufacture iron-based magnetic material ferrite, which had been recently invented by Yogoro Kato and Takeshi Takei.[3] In 1952 they began production of magnetic tapes, with compact cassette tapes following in 1966; it is for these that the company is most widely noted. TDK used to manufacture an extensive portfolio of magnetic and optical media, including several formats of videotape and blank CD-R and recordable DVD discs until it licensed the rights to do so to Imation. Imation also now manufactures USB flash drives under this license.
Industry trends see the company moving into new forms of media; in 2004 TDK was the first media-manufacturer to join the companies developing BD post-DVD technology.[4]
Operations in the USA began in 1965 with a New York office,[5] and European operations began in 1970 with an office in Frankfurt, West Germany.[6]
In the 90's TDK's Mass Storage Division included brushless DC spindle motors, MR heads and thin-film heads.
TDK operated a semiconductor division in California for about a decade, but divested it in 2005.
The company operates a museum dedicated to the technologies with which it is involved, at its Hirasawa plant in Japan.
Since June 2006, Takehiro Kamigama has been president, having been nominated by his predecessor, Hajime Sawabe, who currently serves as chairman.
In late 2007, Imation bought TDK's recording business. The deal, which covers media properties such as flash media, optical media, magnetic tape, and accessories, was for $300 million. TDK remains in existence as a separate company, with its research and development, manufacturing and OEM portions.[7][8]

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