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TNG Swiss Watches logo

To make their dream come true, Dutch olympic sailor Herbert Dercksen and Frans Dingerdis founded Tack & Gybe International BV in 1998 and created the ultimate sailing watch.
These days the TNG Swiss Watches brand brings an extending line of Swiss Made sports watches, currently comprising of 13 models, including ladies models. Apart from functionality, fashionality is one of the important characteristics of TNG Swiss Watches. Different colours and the use of pearl-effects and real diamonds on some of our models make the TNG Swiss Watches stand out from the rest.
Demand for the watches has been outstanding since launch with over 39000 watches sold world wide to date including endorsements for the product.
As all TNG Swiss Watches are made at our facilities in Switzerland - Geneva, they are genuine Swiss Made.
TNG Swiss Watches provides you the time of your life...

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