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Founded in 1931 and with over 77 years of history, one of our TACA's most important priorities remains to offer you – our passengers – a flying experience characterized by friendliness, respect and customer service. Nowadays, we fly to 39 destinations in 22 countries in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean, including daily flights to 9 major U.S. cities, as well as to Toronto, Canada. TACA unites the three Americas with flights to destinations such as New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Lima, Quito, Bogota, Caracas and Santo Domingo.

With the newest fleet in the Americas (made up of 38 aircrafts Airbus 319, 320 and 321, and 2 Embraer E190), we offer you the most advanced aerospace technology and all attention to your safety and comfort. Here in TACA, we also hold one of the best operational records of the industry – with a rate of on-time arrivals that exceeds 90% and a compliance rate of itineraries over 99%.

TACA has the IOSA (IATA’s Operational Safety Audit) certification, and it’s Aeroman ACTS who, besides providing maintenance services to our airline, also does to distinguished U.S. airlines such as JetBlue and U.S. Airways, and other airline leaders in Latin America. Aeroman ACTS is one of the few maintenance centers around the world highly recommended by Airbus Industries.

TACA’s REGIONAL business unit complements our Central American route network. This unit operates about 150 flights per day with a fleet of 30 propeller aircrafts, with a capacity of 12 to 50 seats per plane. Such flights provide services to small and medium destinations from Cancun, and Mexico in the North all throughout the San Blas Islands of Panama in the South.

Between 2008 and 2009, REGIONAL will renew its fleet to include 16 new Cessna Caravans (Costa Rica and Nicaragua) and about 4 to 6 modern ATR-42 300. Thanks to this investment on the REGIONAL fleet, the airline will be able to expand and improve significantly the REGIONAL service for the 800,000 expected passengers in 2009.

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