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Tame Airline logo

Tame, Airline of Ecuador, was founded in 1962. The reason why this company was created is linked to the need to join the Ecuadorian territory and promote commercial, social, tourist and cultural development.

Its commercial growth was gradual and sustained. It expanded its domestic routes and changed its aircraft to DC-3, DC-6, Electra, Avro, Boeing 727100, Boeing 727200, Airbus A320, and more recently to Embraer 170 and 190, which currently cover fourteen destinations within Ecuador and one abroad.

Since 1993, in conformity with a border integration agreement, TAME flights to Cali operate three times per week.

Around 3,000 passengers travel daily on TAME's aircraft on its national and international routes. The incorporation of modern planes with a higher capacity increases the number of passengers and consolidates TAME's prestige in the commercial aviation market.

In spite of remaining part of state enterprises, its operation is completely autonomous in administrative and financial fields. It does not receive governmental contributions and its growth is only based on the income generated by its own activity.

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