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Titan Airways logo

Started in 1988, Titan Airways has grown into the UK's most prestigious charter airline specialising in VIP and corporate travel. It brings the very best standards of care and comfort to all its passengers, once safely aboard, they can relax and enjoy our superb in-flight service and a wide choice of cuisine and fine wines to complete the experience Titan's modern, reliable aircraft can operate from all major international and regional airports day and night, 365 days a year.

A variety of customers which include national flag carriers and regional airlines throughout Europe and Africa, major car companies, investment houses, football teams, cruise lines, aircraft manufacturers, the corporate entertainment industry to name but a few use Titan Airways services on a regular basis.

Titan Airways have established themselves as one of the leading charter airlines in Europe. Famous for its ability to provide an aircraft at very short notice, many of the leading airlines in Europe call upon Titan Airways to provide an instant operational solution.

Aircraft can be airborne within 60 minutes from confirmation in passenger or freight configuration.
This unique operation has won the airline various awards, including the highly prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise. It's Titan Airways' service and attention to detail that makes all the difference.

All of Titan Airways aircraft operate under UK registrations and are maintained to the highest possible standards. Regular maintenance is governed by the UK (CAA) Civil Aviation Authority and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). In addition to the required mandatory maintenance, Titan Airways also conduct regular additional maintenance across the fleet to ensure it’s own high standards are maintained and dispatch reliability is maximised.

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