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Black Horn Society is a society where members range from everyday people to CEO’s, athletes and politicians from different countries. The purpose of our society is to socialize, have a good time, talk about the past and plan for the future. Members of the Black Horn Society highly value quality in everything they do. They respect traditions and thrive for style.

Our mission as a society is to introduce the best alcoholic beverages to the western market, making it easy for people to obtain these products to enjoy old traditions and great tastes. Our plan is to collect different original beverages that represent its country of origin and that we believe are worthy of bringing to you.

One of our latest tasks is to make traditional quality tastes available for people to discover, and providing the best alcoholic beverages from the Vodka Belt. The Vodka Belt, which is located in Northern Europe, is a compilation of countries that produces and consumes a large number of vodka made by traditional manufacturing processes. This chain of countries also produces a large amount of vodka that is consumed around the world.

We hope you enjoy our selection of beverages!

Please Drink Responsibly!

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